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  • Paul K. Feyerabend (1976):
    [...This result can be generalised...] Any hypothesis, however implausible, can widen our horizon. It has not led to a better understanding of science and it is even a hindrance to such a better understanding because of its habit of beclouding facts with semons and moralizing phrases (p. 136).
  • Paul K. Feyerabend (1978):
    We may use hypothesis that contradict well confirmed theories and/or well-established experimental results. We may advance science by proceeding counterinductively [FEYERABEND78, p. 5].
  • Paul F. Lazarsfeld (1956):
    You never test hypotheses! First you run everything against everything. Then find out what the relationships are to the 0.05 level. Then you write a hypothesis for a relationship and say you tested it. And that's how Lazarsfeld said to do it [GLASER98, p. 23].
  • Robert I. Sutton and Anat Rafaeli (1992):
    When your hypotheses aren't confirmed, you don't admit it, you change the hypotheses in your introductions with to fit the data. [...] Of course, we always write our hypotheses after we get our results. It is more efficient that way! [FROSTSTABLEIN92, p. 122].
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