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Peter J. Frost and Ralph E. Stablein -- 1992
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  • [FROSTSTABLEIN92] Frost, Peter J. and Stablein, Ralph E. 1992. Doing Exemplary Research. Sage Pub., pp. 321. [H62 Doi HLRBR, ISBN 0-8039-3908-6]
    Keywords: Social Science, Research, Case Studies, Organizational Sociology, Organizational Behavior
    MEMO: Focuses primarily in the research process (URL).

    A book about "science, art, and craft" of seven exemplary organizational research in 1980s (p. xi). It emphasize on process instead of the content itself. The book does not include the related articles themselves. It is too much for one book.

Seven Exemplary Research
1. [BARLEYMEYERGA88] Barley, Stephen R., Meyer, Gordon W., and Gash, Debra C. 1988. Cultures of Culture: Academics, Practitioners and the Pragmatics of Normative Control. Administrative Science Quarterly, 33(1), pp. 24-59. [JA1 ASQ CLBP, ISSN 0001-8392]. , Mar.
Keywords: Organizational Culture, Academic-Practitioner-Oriented Discourse, Documentary Data, Norms, Social Control
MEMO: "One may even say the article is TOO good!"
2. [BARONDOBJEN86] Baron, James N., Dobbin, Frank R., and Jennings, P. Devereaux. 1986. War and Peace: The Evolution of Modern Personnel Administration in U.S. Industry. American Journal of Sociology, 92(2), pp. 350-383. [HM1 AJS CLBP, ISSN 0002-9602]. , Sept.
Keywords: USA, Industrial Enterprises, Personnel Management, Superior Subordinates Relationship, Bureaucratization
MEMO: transformation of the employment relationship
3. [GERSICK88] Gersick, Connie J.G. 1988. Time and Transition in Work Teams: Toward a New Model of Group Development. Academy of Management Journal, 31(1), pp. 9-41. [HD28 AMJ HLBP, ISSN 0001-4273]. .
Keywords: punctuated equilibrium, group development, grounded theory methodology
MEMO: great unorthodox method
4. [JERMIER85] Jermier, John M. 1985. "When the Sleeper Wakes": A Short Story Extending Themes in Radical Organization Theory. Journal of Management, 11(2), pp. 67-80. [HD28 JM HLBP, 0149-2063]. .
Keywords: Critical Theory
MEMO: Short story genre for communicating knowledge!
5. [LATHAMEREZLOC88] Latham, Gary P., Erez, Miriam, and Locke, Edwin A. 1988. Resolving Scientific Disputes by the Joint Design of Crucial Experiments by the Antagonists: Application to the Erze-Latham Dispute Regarding Participation in Goal Setting. Journal of Applied Psychology Monograph, 73(4), pp. 753-772. [BF1 JAP CLBP, ISSN 0021-9010]. .
Keywords: Result Dispute
MEMO: Dispute Source: different cultural background
6. [MEYER82] Meyer, Alan D. 1982. Adapting to Environmental Jolts. Administrative Science Quarterly, 27, pp. 515-537. [JA1 ASQ CLBP HLBP, ISSN 0001-8392]. , December.
Keywords: organizational changes
MEMO: quantitive and qualitative
7. [SUTTONRAFAELI88] Sutton, Robert L., and Rafaeli, Anat. 1988. Untangling the Relationship between Displayed Emotions and Organizational Sales: The Case of Convenience Stores. Academy of Management Journal, 31(3), pp. 461-487. [HD28 AMJ HLBP, ISSN 0001-4273]. .
Keywords: emotion effect
MEMO: "we always write our hypotheses after we get our results!" :-) -- was rejected by ASQ

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