Doing Exemplary Research - Frost and Stablein 1992

Seven Exemplary Research
1. [BARLEYMEYERGA88] Barley, Stephen R., Meyer, Gordon W., and Gash, Debra C. 1988. Cultures of Culture: Academics, Practitioners and the Pragmatics of Normative Control. Administrative Science Quarterly, 33(1), pp. 24-59. [JA1 ASQ CLBP, ISSN 0001-8392]. , Mar.
Keywords: Organizational Culture, Academic-Practitioner-Oriented Discourse, Documentary Data, Norms, Social Control
MEMO: "One may even say the article is TOO good!"
2. [BARONDOBJEN86] Baron, James N., Dobbin, Frank R., and Jennings, P. Devereaux. 1986. War and Peace: The Evolution of Modern Personnel Administration in U.S. Industry. American Journal of Sociology, 92(2), pp. 350-383. [HM1 AJS CLBP, ISSN 0002-9602]. , Sept.
Keywords: USA, Industrial Enterprises, Personnel Management, Superior Subordinates Relationship, Bureaucratization
MEMO: transformation of the employment relationship
3. [GERSICK88] Gersick, Connie J.G. 1988. Time and Transition in Work Teams: Toward a New Model of Group Development. Academy of Management Journal, 31(1), pp. 9-41. [HD28 AMJ HLBP, ISSN 0001-4273]. .
Keywords: punctuated equilibrium, group development, grounded theory methodology
MEMO: great unorthodox method
4. [JERMIER85] Jermier, John M. 1985. "When the Sleeper Wakes": A Short Story Extending Themes in Radical Organization Theory. Journal of Management, 11(2), pp. 67-80. [HD28 JM HLBP, 0149-2063]. .
Keywords: Critical Theory
MEMO: Short story genre for communicating knowledge!
5. [LATHAMEREZLOC88] Latham, Gary P., Erez, Miriam, and Locke, Edwin A. 1988. Resolving Scientific Disputes by the Joint Design of Crucial Experiments by the Antagonists: Application to the Erze-Latham Dispute Regarding Participation in Goal Setting. Journal of Applied Psychology Monograph, 73(4), pp. 753-772. [BF1 JAP CLBP, ISSN 0021-9010]. .
Keywords: Result Dispute
MEMO: Dispute Source: different cultural background
6. [MEYER82] Meyer, Alan D. 1982. Adapting to Environmental Jolts. Administrative Science Quarterly, 27, pp. 515-537. [JA1 ASQ CLBP HLBP, ISSN 0001-8392]. , December.
Keywords: organizational changes
MEMO: quantitive and qualitative
7. [SUTTONRAFAELI88] Sutton, Robert L., and Rafaeli, Anat. 1988. Untangling the Relationship between Displayed Emotions and Organizational Sales: The Case of Convenience Stores. Academy of Management Journal, 31(3), pp. 461-487. [HD28 AMJ HLBP, ISSN 0001-4273]. .
Keywords: emotion effect
MEMO: "we always write our hypotheses after we get our results!" :-) -- was rejected by ASQ