Ahbeng's Declaration of INDEPENDENCE

Tan Ah Beng, N21: Choa Chu Kang Pty. Ltd.

In-ternet, July 4, 1998:

The unanimous Declaration of the INdonesian DEsperate PENding Domain ENCumbrancE,

When in the Internet event, it becomes necessary for one Top Level Domain (TLD) administrator to resolve problems of the others, and to assume among the power of the TLD-ID; it requires a decent opinion that should be declared for an administration separation. We hold this RFC-1591. truth to be self-evident, that all human are created equal to have right for an Internet domain name. That to secure these rights, prudence, indeed, while evils are sufferable; but when a long train of abuses, it is the right and duty to abolish the dishonest shameless brainless dodols as well as tijumbous.

As from July 27, 1996, the TLD-ID administrative contact has been on-leave. Therefore, the University of Indonesia (UofI) was asked to propose a new TLD-ID framework. The preliminary estimation for a new TLD-ID settlement was a couple of months, whereas the "suggested deadline" was on January 1, 1997. However, nothing happened then, and therefore it was agreed an all new ultimate deadline on August 17, 1997, i.e. the Indonesian 52nd Independence Day. Unexpected, prior to that deadline, the UofI expressed their intention to pullout from the domain maintenance activity, starting on September 30, 1997. Although the UofI's official reason to pullout is "busy with internal affairs"; apparently something else had happened.

Until September 30, 1997 morning, everything was uncertain. Around noon, Dr. Budi Rahardjo volunteered himself to take care of the domain registration administration. His email became the appendix G of Gagasan 30 September 1997/PDTT-ID. Since September 30, 1997, therefore, the TLD-ID was in status-quo. However, only 4 months after, somehow Dr. Budi Rahardjo had enough with all those external interventions. Since the beginning of 1998, therefore, he declared IDNIC-DUO as an independent entity that is free of any external influence.

On July 4, 1998, therefore, these following have been suggested:

  1. IDNIC Information Pages

    The IDNIC's Informational WebPages should be reengineered, as the current one is a little bit ambiguous. IANA's transitional web-page style could be considered as a model.

  2. IDNIC and IDNIC-PM's (Project Manager) Position and Commitment

    To avoid equivocality -- IDNIC as well as the IDNIC-PM -- should make a clear statement regarding its position and commitment. This includes -- but not limited to -- IDNIC's relation with other entities, a rough framework, timeframe, DNS stability, fairness, equal opportunity, etc.

  3. The TLD-ID Administrative Contact Commitment

    Based on Gagasan 30 September 1997 the current TLD-ID administrative contact agrees to be in-charge unless this following has occurred:

    • the maximum non-negotiable deadline would be February 6, 2003.
    • a stalemate / disagreement with the IDNIC-PM
    • a new procedure has been settled, and a new TLD-ID administrative contact has been suggested
    • the IDNIC-PM fails to issue a monthly public notice for four consecutive months or for a total of eight times

    However, it became very obvious on July 27, 1998, that no significant progress was made, and therefore RMS46 had decided to resign.

  4. Domain Stability

    IDNIC should propose an integrated DNS system procedure that includes - but not limited to - primaries and secondaries allocation.

  5. New Feedback and Operational Mechanisms

    As the current IDNIC mailing list is not effective, new mechanisms should be considered.

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