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Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim
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An electronic Voluntary Working Group (eVWG) is here defined as a working group that consists of volunteers where most of their activity is conducted through email. The issues that should be taken in consideration when establishing an eVWG are the 4/12 rule, role, participation, and lifetime.

The 4/12 Rule

Any activity could take off if there are at LEAST four very active participants which are supported by at LEAST 12 contributors [RFC-2418, section 2.1].


There should exist an activity charter, a chair or co-chairs, a mailing list, and other appropriate assignments (e.g. document writer) [RFC-2418, section 2.2].


Everyone on the list is expected to contribute from time to time. A list is for participants in a discussion, not observers [NAMEDROPPERS].

Life Time

The lifetime of an activity is short in nature [RFC-2418, section 2].
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