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  • [BABCHUK96] Babchuk, Wayne A. 1996. Glaser or Strauss?: Grounded Theory and Adult Education. Michigan State University, -, . [http://web.archive.org/web/20060315133436/www.iupui.edu/~adulted/mwr2p/prior/gradpr96.htm].
    MEMO: Central issues of the Glaser-Strauss debate are identified.
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    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From Jour. of Advancing Nursing 17, 1355-1360, 1922
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    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science (7) 1982
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    Keywords: Organizational Culture, Academic-Practitioner-Oriented Discourse, Documentary Data, Norms, Social Control
    MEMO: "One may even say the article is TOO good!"
  • [BARONDOBJEN86] Baron, James N., Dobbin, Frank R., and Jennings, P. Devereaux. 1986. War and Peace: The Evolution of Modern Personnel Administration in U.S. Industry. American Journal of Sociology, 92(2), pp. 350-383. [HM1 AJS CLBP, ISSN 0002-9602]. , Sept.
    Keywords: USA, Industrial Enterprises, Personnel Management, Superior Subordinates Relationship, Bureaucratization
    MEMO: transformation of the employment relationship
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    MEMO: Earlier version: Sociology of Health and Illness 14 181-215
  • [BEAR91] Beard, Jon Winston. 1991. Information Technology and Task Design: An Examination of The Impact of Changes in Task Methods and Social Information on Worker Job Characteristics Perceptions, Attitudes, and Performance. - thesis in Management at Texas A&M University. [HF*UMI 983 HMLMS].
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    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From Bechhofer and Elliot 1981
  • [BECKER95] Becker, Patricia Hentz. 1995. Pearls, Pith, and Provocation. In Grounded Theory 1984-1994 (Glaser, Barney G editor), Sociology Press(2), pp. 135-140. , -].
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From Qualitative Health Research (3,2) May 1993
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    MEMO: Should IS researchers continue to rely on reference disciplines?
  • [BENBASATZMUD99] Benbasat, Izak, and Zmud, Robert W. 1999. Empirical Research in Information Systems: The Practice of Relevance. MIS Quarterly, 23(1), pp. 3-16. [T58.6 ISR SC, ISSN 1047-7047]. , March.
    Keywords: Relevance, Rigor, Academic Research, Applied Research.
    MEMO: Discussion and Suggestion: why most IS academic research today lacks relevance to practive.
  • [BIGUS96] Bigus, Odis E. 1996. Becoming "Alcoholic:" A Study of Social Transformation. In Gerund Grounded Theory: The Basic Social Process Dissertation (Glaser, Barney G editor), Sociology Press, pp. 14-28. [HM48 Ger CLMS, -].
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: Ph.D thesis summary 1974 UCSF
  • [BIGUSHADDGLAS94] Bigus, Odis E., Hadden, Stuart, C., and Glaser, Barney G. 1994. The Study of Basic Social Processes. In More Grounded Theory Methodology: A Reader (Glaser, Barney G editor), Sociology Press, pp. 38-64. [HM48 Mor CLMS, 1-8841-5607-X].
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
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    MEMO: The Purpose of IT is competitiveness
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    Keywords: Qualitative Analysis, Writing Up
    MEMO: Publications should be generated from a qualitative dissertations while the project is ongoing.
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    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (25:1) 1989
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    Keywords: Qualitative
    MEMO: Error Types
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    MEMO: Against Grounded Theory
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    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: Chapter 3
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    MEMO: plus Giddens comment
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    MEMO: Chap. 1-3: Assumptions about the nature of Social Science
  • [BW960208] -. 1996. The Virtual Corporation. Business Week, -(-), pp. 36-40. [HF5001 BW HMLBP, ISSN 0007-7135].
    Keywords: Relevance, Rigor, Academic Research, Applied Research.
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