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  • [ADDOR72] Adler, Mortimer J., van Doren, Charles. 1972. How to Read a Book. Simon and Schuster, 2nd ed., pp. 426. [PN83 Adl CLMS, ISBN 6-7121-2209-5]
    MEMO: 4 reading levels: Elementary, Inspectional, Analytical, and Syntopical Comparative
    Most modern scientists do not care what lay readers think, and so they do not even try to reach them. The Syntopical Paradox: Unless you know what books to read, you cannot read syntopically, but unless you can read syntopically, you do not know what to read (pp. 329). Suggestes readings: Plato: Dialogues (The Republic, Symposium, Phaedo,...); Aristotle: Works (Organon, Physics, Metaphysics,...); Archimedes: Works (On the Equilibrium of Planes, On the Floating Bodies); Ptolemy: Almagest; Leonardo da Vinci: Notebooks; Nicolaus Copernicus: On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres; Francis Bacon: Advancement of Learning; Galileo Galilei: Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences; Isaac Newton: Optics; Charles Dickens: Works (Pickwick Papers); George Bernard Shaw: Plays; John Dewey: How we think. See also GTM.
  • [BROWNLOW76] Brownlow, Donald Grey. 1976. Panzer Baron: The Military Exploits of General Hasso Von Manteuffel. Christopher Pub. House, - ed., pp. -. [-, ISBN 0-8158-0325-7]
  • [LEEKY98] Lee, Kuan Yew. 1998. The Singapore Story -- Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore, pp. 680. [DS599.51 Lee CLMS HMLS, ISBN 9-8120-4983-5]
  • [LIDDELLHART48] Liddel-Hart, Basil Henry. 1948. The German General Talks. New York, pp. 308. [D757 Lid CLMS, -]
    MEMO: vM: I had learned how to keep (fuehrer) to the point, and maintain my own argument (p. 296)
  • [LOWPAN99] Low, Christina, and Pan, Daphne. 1999. The Write Right Guide: an NUS writing guide. Singapore, pp. 83. [PE1408 Low CLMS MDMS SC Ref, ISBN -]
    Keywords: Singlish, Grammar, English Handbook
    MEMO: Must read! Make Yourself Understood!
  • [WOBAR58] Wood, Evelyn Nielsen, and Barrows, Marjorie Wescott. 1958. Reading Skills. Holt, pp. 246. [808.54W85, ISBN -]
    MEMO: (pp. 15) Handicaps: one word at a time, reread, lips moving, too slow, strange words, how to sound, meaning, grouping
  • [YALEWHITEMANT70] Yale, Wesley W., White, I.D., and von-Manteuffel, Hasso E. 1970. Alternative to Armageddon -- The Peace Potential of Lightning War. Rutgers Univ. Press, pp. 257. [U167.5 Lig.Y, ISBN 0-8135-0666-2]
    Keywords: Blitzkrieg, The Batle of the Bulge, Word War II, Lt. Col. Creighton W. Abrams, Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest
    MEMO: Blitzkrieg Command Method
  • [YANG91] Yang, Bo. 1991. The Ugly Chinaman and the crisis of Chinese culture. Heinemann, pp. 162. [DS779.23 Bo SCMS, ISBN 1-8637-3116-4]


  • [FEBRIAN00] Febrian, Jack. 2000. Tentang Pendidikan Tinggi di Indonesia. Informatika, pp. 117. [-, -]
    MEMO: Buku Didit
    Seraneka sistem perguruan tinggi Indonesia.
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