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Umum -- General

  • [ANGSLAU96] Ang, Soon and Slaughter, Sandra. 1996. Braking IS'S Revolving Door: A Study of Internal Labor Market Practices And IS Turnover. ICIS, Cleveland, December 16-18 , -].
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    MEMO: -
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    MEMO: -
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    MEMO: The Purpose of IT is competitiveness
  • [DRUCKER39] Drucker, Peter F. 1939. The end of economic man; a study of the new totalitarianism. The John Day company, 1st ed., pp. 268. [D433 Dru CLMS, ISBN -]
    MEMO: A book regarding Facism. Introduction by H.N. Brailsford
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    MEMO: Interviews with: Hesselbein, Pree, Kotler, Hafner, Shanker, Bartel, Hubbard, Buford, Spitz-Lehmannn.
    It needs planning, marketing, people, and money (p. 39). Non-profit are prone to become inward looiking... No longer ask: Does it sever our mission? But: Does it fit our rules? Not only inhibits performance, but also destroys vision and dedication. Improving What We Already Do Well (p. 96).
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    Keywords: Developing Countries
    MEMO: -
  • [JONES91] Jones, Bruce. 1991. An Ethnography of the Usenet Computer Network. USCD - Dept. of Communications, -, . [http://communications.ucsd.edu/bjones/usenet.orals.html].
    MEMO: Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal
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    MEMO: for Komas?
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Organisasi -- Organization

  • [DESANCTISFULK99] DeSanctis, Gerardine, and Fulk, Janet. 1999. Shaping Organization Form -- Communication, Connection, and Community. Sage, pp. 523. [HD30.3 Sha HLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0494-8]
    Keywords: Communication in Organizations, Organizational Changes, Organizational Effectiveness
    MEMO: written during the period 1994-1998 (p. xi).
    • [APPLEGATE99] Applegate, Lynda M. 1999. In Search of a New Organizational Model -- Lessons From the Field. In Shaping Organizational Form -- Communication, Connection, and Community (DeSanctis, Gerardine, and Fulk, Janet editor), Sage, - ed., pp. 33-70. [HD30.3 Sha HLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0494-8].
      Keywords: Communications, Organizational Change, Case Study
      MEMO: Key findings regarding the nature of the organizational change initiatives (p. 37).
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Organisasi Virtual -- Virtual Organizations

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  • [BRADNERMANKIN96] Bradner, Scott O., and Mankin, Allison. 1996. IPng, Internet Protocol Next Generation. Addision-Wesley, - ed., pp. 288. [TK5105.875 Int.Ip CLMS SCMS, ISBN 0-2016-3395-7]
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    Keywords: History, Internet, ARPAnet
    MEMO: The process of technological development is like building a cathedral... (p. 79).
    Over the course of several hundred years new people come along and each lays down a block on the top of the old foundations, each saying, "I build a cathedral". Next month another block is placed atop the previous one. Then come along an historian who asks, "Well who built the cathedral?" Peter added some stones here, and Paul added a few more. If you are not careful, you can con yourself into belief that you did the most important part. But the reality is that each contribution has to follow onto previous work. Everything is tied to everything else (Paul Baran).
  • [BRADNER2418] Bradner, Scott O. 1998. RFC2418: Internet Working Group Guidelines and Procedures. NWG, -, September. [http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2418.txt].
    See also [HUIZERCROCK1603] Huizer, Erik, and Crocker, Dave. 1994. RFC1603: IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures. NWG, -, March. [http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1603.txt].
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    Keywords: History, IPv6, IPng
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Sistem Operasi

  • [SILBERSCHATZG98] Silberschatz, Abraham, and Galvin, Peter B. 1998. Operating Systems Concepts. Addison-Wesley, 5 ed., pp. 888. [-, ISBN 0-201-54262-5]
    MEMO: -
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    MEMO: -
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