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  • [FABRITIUS98] Fabritius, Hannele. 1998. Information Seeking in the Newsroom; Application of the Cognitive Framework for Analysis of the Work Context. Information Research Volume 4 no 2, University of Sheffield, October. [http://InformationR.net/ir/4-2/isic/fabritiu.html].
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
  • [FAGERHAUGH93] Fagerhaugh, Shizuko Yoshimura. 1993. Routing: Getting Around With Emphysema. In Examples of Grounded Theory: A Reader (Glaser, Barney G editor), Sociology Press, pp. 139-149. .
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: from Chronic Illness and the Quality of Life (1975)
  • [FAGERHAUGH95] Fagerhaugh, Shizuko Yoshimura. 1995. Analyzing Data For Basic Social Process. In Grounded Theory 1984-1994 (Glaser, Barney G editor), Sociology Press(2), pp. 173-187. .
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From Chenitz and Swanson, 1986
  • [FATWA99A] Fatwa, A. M. 1999. Merangkai Sejarah PAN. Kompas Online, Jakarta, July 15. [WAS: http://www.kompas.com/kompas-cetak/9907/15/OPINI/mera45.htm].
  • [FEBRIAN00] Febrian, Jack. 2000. Tentang Pendidikan Tinggi di Indonesia. Informatika, pp. 117. [-, -]
    MEMO: Buku Didit
  • [FERSHO88] Ferrat, Thomas W, and Short, Larry E. Short. 1988. Are Information Systems People Different ? An Investigation of How They Are and Should be Managed. MIS Quarterly, 12(September), pp. 427-443. [T58.6 MIS, ISSN 0276-7783]. .
  • [FEYERABEND76] Feyerabend, Paul K. 1976. On The Critique of Scientific Reason. In Essays in Memory of Imre Lakatos (Cohen, R. S., Feyerabend, P. K., and Wartofsky, M. W editor), D. Reidel Pub., pp. 109-143. [Q175 Bsps 39 CLMS, ISBN 9-0277-0654-9].
    MEMO: -
  • [FEYERABEND78] Feyerabend, Paul K. 1978. Against Method -- Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge. Verso, pp. 339. [Q175 Fey CLMS, ISBN 0-8609-1700-2]
    MEMO: Paul, why don't you write down all your strange idea? -- Imre Lakatos
  • [FEYN85] Feynman, Richard P. 1985. "Surely You"re Joking, Mr. Feynman!". Bantam Books, pp. 322. [QC16 Fey SCMS/CLMS, ISBN 0-5532-5649-1]
    MEMO: Must Read
  • [FORN82] Fornell, Claes. 1982. A Second Generation of Multivariate Analysis: An Overview. In A Second Generation of Multivariate Analysis (Fornell, Claes editor), Praeger, - ed., pp. 1-21. [QA278 Sec HMLMS, ISBN 0-0306-1604-2].
    Keywords: Overview
  • [FROSTSTABLEIN92] Frost, Peter J. and Stablein, Ralph E. 1992. Doing Exemplary Research. Sage Pub., pp. 321. [H62 Doi HLRBR, ISBN 0-8039-3908-6]
    Keywords: Social Science, Research, Case Studies, Organizational Sociology, Organizational Behavior
    MEMO: Focuses primarily in the research process (URL).
  • [FUJIMURA97] Fujimura, Joan H. 1997. The Molecular Biological Bandwagon on Cancer Research. In Grounded Theory in Practice (Strauss, Anselm L., and Corbin, Juliet editor), Sage, pp. 95-130. [RA418 Gro CLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0747-5].
    MEMO: From Social Problems 35(3) 261-283 1988
  • [FUST90] Fulk, Janet, and Steinfield, Charles W. 1990. Organizations and Communication Technology. Sage, - ed., pp. 328. [HD30.335 Org CLMS/HMMS, ISBN 0-8039-3530-7]
    MEMO: -
  • [FURN50] Furness, H.J. 1950. The Cost of Turnover. Regional Conference ot the London and District Branch of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, London, December 2nd [77193 CLCS, -].
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