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  • [JACOBSENLYNCH91] Jacobsen, Ole J, and Lynch, Daniel C. 1991. RFC1208 -- Glossary of networking terms. NWG, -, March. [http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1208.txt].
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  • [JERMIER85] Jermier, John M. 1985. "When the Sleeper Wakes": A Short Story Extending Themes in Radical Organization Theory. Journal of Management, 11(2), pp. 67-80. [HD28 JM HLBP, 0149-2063]. .
    Keywords: Critical Theory
    MEMO: Short story genre for communicating knowledge!
  • [JONES91] Jones, Bruce. 1991. An Ethnography of the Usenet Computer Network. USCD - Dept. of Communications, -, . [http://communications.ucsd.edu/bjones/usenet.orals.html].
    MEMO: Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal
  • [JUANDA97] Juanda, Bambang. 1997. Sistem Ekonomi di Indonesia - Upaya Memahami Prof Mubyarto dan Kwik Kian Gie. Kompas Online, Jakarta, June 09. [WAS: http://www.kompas.com/9706/09/OPINI/sist.htm].
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  • [JUORO96B] Juoro, Umar. 1996. Teknolog, Teknokrat, dan Strategi Pembangunan. Kompas Online, Jakarta, March 22. [WAS: http://www.kompas.com/9603/22/H04/tekn.htm].
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