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  • [KEARNEYMURROS95] Kearney, Margaret H., Murphy, Sheigla, and Rosenbaum, Marsha. 1995. Mothering on Crack Cocaine: A Grounded Theory Analysis. In Grounded Theory 1984-1994 (Glaser, Barney G editor), Sociology Press(2), pp. 257-279. .
    Keywords: Grounded Theory
    MEMO: From Qualitative Health Research (1) 1991
  • [KERA97] Keraf, A Sonny. 1997. Bisnis, Politik dan Masyarakat. Kompas Online, Jakarta, July 16. [WAS: http://www.kompas.com/9707/16/OPINI/bisn.htm].
  • [KERLIN97] Kerlin, Roberta-Anne. 1997. --- breaking the silence ---, Towards a Theory of Woman's Doctoral Persistence. University of Victoria, Canada, . [http://kerlins.net/bobbi/research/diss/].
    MEMO: Grounded Theory Methodology Ph.D Dissertation
  • [KERLIN98] Kerlin, Roberta-Anne. 1998. Pursuit of the Ph.D.: Is it Good for your health?. Portland State University, USA, . [http://kerlins.net/bobbi/research/myresearch/health.html].
    MEMO: Grounded Theory
  • [KERL86] Kerlinger, Fred N. 1986. Foundations of Behavioral Research. Reinehart and Winston, 3rd ed., pp. 667. [BF76.5 Ker CLRBR, ISBN 0-0304-1761-9]
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  • [KINACH96] Kinach, Barbara M. 1996. Grounded Theory as Scientific Method: Haig-Inspired Reflections on Educational Research Methodology. Philosophy of Education Society, Illinois, . [http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/PES/95_docs/kinach.html].
    MEMO: Grounded Theory Methodology
  • [KIYOSAKI99] Kiyosaki, Rober T. and Lechter, Sharon L. 1999. The CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad`''s Guide to Financial Freedom. TechPress, - ed., pp. 251. [-, ISBN 0-9643-8562-7]
    MEMO: -
  • [KNAPP96] Knapp, Constance A. 1996. A Grounded Theory Study of Successful Organizational Intergrated CASE Technology Implementation. PACE University, New York, -. [http://hsb.baylor.edu/ramsower/ais.ac.96/papers/KNAPP.htm].
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