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Qualtative Analysis References

Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim
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  • [BRINK91] Brink, Pamela J. 1991. Issues of Reliability and Validity. In Qualitative Nursing Research -- A Contemporary Dialogue (Morse, Janice M. editor), Sage Pub., - ed., pp. 163-186. [RT81.5 Qua CLMS, ISBN 0-8039-4078-5].
    Keywords: Qualitative
    MEMO: Error Types
  • [EISENHARDT89] Eisenhardt, K.M. 1989. Building Theories from Case Study Research. Academy of Management Review, 14(4), pp. 532-550. [HD 28 AMR HLBP, ISSN 0363-7425]. .
    Grounded Theory?
  • [LAZARSFELD72] Lazarsfeld, Paul Felix. 1972. Qualitative Analysis - Historical and Critical Essays. Boston, pp. 457. [H62 Laz CLMS]
    Keywords: Qualitative Analysis, Social Science
    MEMO: Historical Essays, Critical Sociology, Qualitative Research Techniques
  • [LOFLANDLOFLAN95] Lofland, John, and Lofland, Lyn H. 1995. Analyzing Social Settings -- A Guide to Qualitative Observation and Analysis. CA, Belmont, 3 rd ed., pp. 267. [HM48 Lof CLMS, ISBN 0-5342-4780-6]
    MEMO: -
  • [MERTONCOLEROS79] Merton, Robert King, Coleman, James S., and Rossi, Peter H.. 1979. Qualitative and Quantitative Social Research -- Papers in Honor of Paul F. Lazarsfeld. New York, pp. 413. [HM24 Qua CLMS, ISBN 0-0292-0930-7]
    Keywords: Sociology, Methodology
  • [MORSE97A] Morse, Janice M. 1997. Completing a Qualitative Project -- Details and Dialogue. Sage Pub., pp. 400. [RT81.5 Com CLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0600-2]
    Keywords: Qualitative Research, Publishing
    MEMO: (xi) Unaddressesed issues that occur after data analysis.
    Essence: I want some real critique--hard line critique Where am I just so basic that it doesn't say anything? Have I missed critical pieces of literature? And do you have any examples that I can put in here (pp. xii)?
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