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  • [BOYLE97] Boyle, Joyceen S. 1997. Writing It Up -- Dissecting the Dissertation. In Completing a Qualitative Project (Morse, Janice M. editor), Sage Pub., - ed., pp. 8-37. [RT81.5 Com CLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0600-2].
    Keywords: Qualitative Analysis, Writing Up
    MEMO: Publications should be generated from a qualitative dissertations while the project is ongoing.
  • [BENBASATWEBER96] Benbasat, Izak, and Weber, Ron. 1996. Research Commentary: Rethinking "Diversity" in Information Systems Research. Information Systems Research, 7(4), pp. 389-399. [T58.6 ISR SC, ISSN 1047-7047]. , December.
    MEMO: Should IS researchers continue to rely on reference disciplines?
    What are the nature of and boundaries of the IS dicipline? What criteria should we use to evaluate is progress? What factors facilitate and inhibit its progress? Which facilitative or inhibitory factors can be manipulated to enhance the rate of progress? How should these factors be manipulated? (p. 394)
  • [BENBASATZMUD99] Benbasat, Izak, and Zmud, Robert W. 1999. Empirical Research in Information Systems: The Practice of Relevance. MIS Quarterly, 23(1), pp. 3-16. [T58.6 ISR SC, ISSN 1047-7047]. , March.
    Keywords: Relevance, Rigor, Academic Research, Applied Research.
    MEMO: Discussion and Suggestion: why most IS academic research today lacks relevance to practive.
  • [BURRELLMORGAN79] Burrell, Gibson, and Morgan, Gareth. 1979. Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis -- Elements of the Sociology of Corporate Life. Heinemann, - ed., pp. -. [RMS 0004]
    MEMO: Chap. 1-3: Assumptions about the nature of Social Science
  • [COHENFEYERWAR76] Cohen, R. S., Feyerabend, P. K., and Wartofsky, M. W. 1976. Essays in Memory of Imre Lakatos. D. Reidel Pub., pp. 767. [Q175 Bsps 39 CLMS, ISBN 9-0277-0654-9]
    MEMO: Essays from Robert K. Merton, Feyerabend, et. al.
  • [DAVISPARKER97] Davis, Gordon B., and Parker, Clyde A. 1997. Writing the Doctoral Dissertation: a systematic approach. Barrons, 2nd ed., pp. 154. [LB2369 Dav CLMS, ISBN 08-1209-8005]
    Keywords: Report Writing, Dissertations, Academic.
    MEMO: The purpose of this book is to assist doctoral candidates on completing a better quality dissertation in a shorter time.
  • [DOOLEY95] Dooley, David. 1995. Social Research Methods. Prentice Hall, pp. 387. [HM48 Doo, ISBN 0-1312-6161-4]
  • [GILLJOHNSON91] Gill, John, and Johnson, Phil. 1991. Research Methods for Managers. Paul Chapman, pp. 168. [T175.5 Gil CLMS HMMS, ISBN 1-85396-119-1]
  • [HUPCEY97] Hupcey, Judith E. 1997. Responding to Criticism. In Completing a Qualitative Project (Morse, Janice M. editor), Sage Pub., - ed., pp. 147-189. [RT81.5 Com CLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0600-2].
    Keywords: Criticism
    MEMO: Many times criticism is not done in an appropriate manner
    Strategies (pp. 149 - 153): Correction of the Original Work; Justification of the Original Work; Diffusion of the Criticism; Counterattack; Choosing to Ignore the Criticism.
  • [LAZARSFELDTHI58] Lazarsfeld, Paul Felix, and Thielens, Wagner. 1958. The Academic Mind. Illinois, pp. 460. [LB2332 Laz CLCS]
    Keywords: Social Science
  • [LINSTONETURRO75] Linstone, Harold A., and Turroff, Murray. 1975. The Delphi Method -- Techniques and Applications. Reading, MA, pp. 620. [-, -]
    MEMO: Delphi is concerned with the utilization of experts opinions (p. xix).
  • [LIPSON97] Lipson, Juliene G. 1997. The Politics of Publishing -- Protecting Participants' Confidentiality. In Completing a Qualitative Project (Morse, Janice M. editor), Sage Pub., - ed., pp. 39--62. [RT81.5 Com CLMS, ISBN 0-7619-0600-2].
    Keywords: Publishing, Confidentiality
    MEMO: I fear your writing would hurt the feelings of the village people if they could read; they will certainly hurt our great-great grandchildren who will read (pp. 39).
  • [ROBEY96] Robey, Daniel. 1996. Research Commentary: Diversity in Information Systems Research: Threat, Promise, and Responsibility. Information Systems Research, 7(4), pp. 400-408. [T58.6 ISR SC, ISSN 1047-7047]. , December.
    MEMO: The IS reseacher responsibility includes a "disciplined methodological pluralism"
    Like it or not, IS research will continue to diversify (p. 400). Principles of Collaboration: respect, responsibility, trust, honesty, commitment, empowerment, suport, admiration, honor, celebration (p. 407).
  • [STRAUSS93] Strauss, Anselm L. 1993. Continual Permutations of Action. Aldine de Gruyte, pp. 280. [HM24 Str, ISBN 0-5213-2845-4]
    Keywords: Action Theory, Social Interaction, Pragmatist
    MEMO: Rejecting Parsons and Lazarsfeld as models.
    some resume of his work.
  • [SCHATZMANSTRA73] Schatzman, Leonard, and Strauss, Anselm L. 1973. Field Research: Strategies for a Natural Sociology. Prentice-Hall, - ed., pp. 149. [CLMS HM24 Scha CLMS, ISBN 0-1331-4351-1]
    MEMO: NOT a howto book, but for all whose interest in SocSci has brought them to the point of wanting to do research themselves.
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