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    MEMO: NOT a howto book, but for all whose interest in SocSci has brought them to the point of wanting to do research themselves.
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    MEMO: Singlish "guide" :-)
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    MEMO: -
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    MEMO: From Proceeding of the 1995 Global Conference on Managin Diversity
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    MEMO: -
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    MEMO: Obituary
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    MEMO: (149) We use words, clustering them, ordering them, and building them into a picture about it.
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    MEMO: Strauss stops at each word to ask "What if?" whereas Glaser keeps his attention focused on data and asks, "What do we have here?". Also in GLASER95.
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    MEMO: A frankly religious point of view: "the only true method of research" (p. 30 :^) -- Image, Feb 1980 (12). Also in [GLASER94].
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    MEMO: From JPNMHS Oct 1982
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    MEMO: Ph.D thesis summary 1976 UCSF
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    Keywords: Grounded Theory, Publishing
    MEMO: Why is it that nobody (including me) seems to be able to understand a first draft? (136)
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    MEMO: Where does all reviewer lords come from?
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    MEMO: Grounded Negotiation Theory
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    MEMO: Ch 2: A good illustration of the coding procedure
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    MEMO: with a foreword by Irving Louis Horowitz.
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    MEMO: Rejecting Parsons and Lazarsfeld as models.
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    MEMO: Ch. 6: One of the most important one
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    MEMO: Preconceived - Forced - Conceptual Description?
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    MEMO: A good book for novice researchers: discusses the version that is taught by Strauss (p. 12). See also http://gtm.vlsm.org/gtm-18.en.html.
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    MEMO: Grounded Theory Methodology
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    MEMO: from Ilness and the Quality, 1975
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    MEMO: -
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    MEMO: "we always write our hypotheses after we get our results!" :-) -- was rejected by ASQ
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